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STAX - Aerial Imagery


Easy-to-use, highly capable software

to process aerial imagery

How STAX Works

STAX is a simple to use and intuitive workflow based software tool that will guide you through the processing steps required to create imagery stacks.

Collecting Imagery

Collecting imagery over the same area more than once often results poor alignment of images. This can severely restrict automated change-detection capability.

Automatic Alignment

Two or more surveys of the same location can be perfectly aligned to a reference image, or one of the surveys from the time series. The process is completely automated, saving you considerable time manually collecting control points.

Vegetation Analytics

With perfectly aligned imagery, you can easily extract information from your multitemporal imagery. You can also create and export reports.

Supported Functionality

  • Merge bands from various sensors to form a single image

  • Automatically align multidate imagery (various formats supported, including GeoTiff)

  • Calculate vegetation indices (GRVI, GI, VDI, RVI, NDVI, TDVI, SAVI, MSAVI2, GEMI, MTVI)

  • Produce map products with customized color coding to emphasize features of interest

  • Support for multiple bands, including RGB and NIR

Why PCI Geomatics?

Facing challenges of time, money, resources, and a growing amount of spatial information, many organizations have found it essential to automate their spatial data management to meet their business goals. Let PCI Geomatics be your geospatial partner – with over 35 years of experience in the geospatial industry, we are leading the image-centric revolution.

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