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"GEOMAP Consultants provides advanced geospatial solutions to state governments and private industries in the Middle East and Africa since 1994."
Who we are?
GEOMAP Consultants is a leading provider of cost-effective, advanced geospatial information solutions. The professional activities of GEOMAP include cloud services, digital map production, remote sensing applications, geographic information systems (GIS), field surveying, offering training programs, and providing geospatial data and value added products. Since its establishment in 1994, GEOMAP has maintained a wide base of clients in the fields of irrigation, environment, geology, agriculture, oil exploration, urban planning and many other fields. GEOMAP has no boundaries geographically and undertake work throughout Egypt, the Middle East and beyond.


Strategic Alliances

GEOMAP success lays in bringing the latest technology to the Middle East and Africa and becoming the provider and distributor of world-renowned geospatial suppliers of satellite data, software solutions and surveying equipment which is indeed a confident step towards excellence.

GEOMAP in few words
  • More than 28 Years of collectively possessed experience and knowledge

  • Providing Value Added Services (GIS, Remote Sensing, Location Intelligence, Field Surveying, and more)

  • Supplier of the Top Ten Worldwide Geospatial data and tools

  • Lead Technology Team


Industries served

With its services expertise and technology, GEOMAP became a reliable partner for various industries:

                                       > Irrigation                                                    > Geology

                                       > Engineering                                                > Cadastral

                                       > Environment                                               > Government 

                                       > Agriculture                                                  > Mining

                                       > Oil and Gas                                                 > Real Estate

                                       > Telecommunication                                      > Urban Planning

                                       > Transportation                                             > Defense and Security

                                       > Tourism                                                      > Hydrology


GEOMAP has implemented projects for customers in all the following Middle Eastern and African countries:

                                      > Egypt                                                          > Bahrain

                                      > Libya                                                           > Qatar 

                                      > Saudi Arabia                                                 > Iraq

                                      > United Arab Emirates                                     > Syria  

                                      > Yemen                                                         > Sudan

                                      > Kuwait                                                         > Kenya

                                      > Oman                                                          > Chad

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