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Urban Planning

Using geospatial solutions local government is able to efficiently plan for the growth and development of cities.


Satellite imagery and other spatial information allow to create highly accurate topographic maps quickly and cost-effectively to help in development of vital objects such as roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. Planners also study and keep track of multiple urban and regional indicators, forecast future community needs and plan accordingly to guarantee the quality of life for everyone in livable communities.


GEOMAP helps in everyday decision-making process of local government providing:



  • Basemap and other types of spatial data provision;

  • Highly accurate topographic maps creation;

  • Changes detection in urban environment;

  • Industrial and homing construction control;

  • Household waste and rubbish dumps monitoring;

  • Functional zoning.



We have vast experience in development and implementation of scalable and multi-platform systems enabling high level of data integration and containing components for data collection, search and visualization for various municipal authorities.

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