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Spectrum® Spatial


One location-intelligent solution for every person, every process, every challenge.

Spectrum Spatial is the Location Intelligence solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility you need to overcome key business challenges. Turn data into actionable insights. Integrate Location Intelligence into any workflow. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalize geospatial data for your unique needs. 


Achieve enterprise location intelligence.


If you can imagine a geospatial business challenge or opportunity, you can solve it with one solution. From conception to execution, Spectrum Spatial provides agile, intuitive tools that empower users and accelerate success.



Mitigate risk, grow revenues and streamline service delivery.

Maximize data productivity.

Integrate, access, manage and enrich data as you benefit from the flexibility of an SOA-compliant solution architecture for geoprocessing. With Spectrum Spatial, you can move from restrictive software and data challenges to sharing data and empowering users to create insights. You’ll uncover the enterprise value of location data as you gain more complete and accurate insights.

Assimilate Location Intelligence.

Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to embed geospatial rules, logic and visualization into existing operational systems and workflows. It brings industrial-strength Location Intelligence to straight-through processing and enables self-service applications, all uniquely aligned to your business needs.


Power up a range of users.

Senior management, data scientists, business analysts and customers will all find Spectrum Spatial simple to use. Intuitive functionality brings advanced analysis to any desktop, website, tablet or mobile need. Users can easily access, update and visualize, anywhere, anytime; fulfill mapping requests; and share data with co-workers, citizens, customers and partners.


“For companies that need a solution that will be ready very quickly, I highly recommend Spectrum Spatial. The solution is very easy to deploy, configure and manage on an ongoing basis.”
— GIS Architect Mobile Network Operator


Connect to the data you need. With Spectrum Spatial, you can utilize more data from more places. It’s easy to integrate across systems and processes. Connect and orchestrate to quickly gain a richer, more complete view of opportunity and risk. With its open architecture and scalability, there are no limits to what this solution can do.


Open data standards. Easily export and import different file formats including OGC standards.

API driven. System integration and design is quick.

Enrichment ready. Create data flows to enrich data and business processes.

Enhanced tools. Easy and powerful: perform robust analytics on spatial data.


Create a single source of truth. With Spectrum Spatial, you’re in control. You determine the data you need. Bring it together for a robust, single, location-intelligent view. Then you set the parameters for how that data is accessed across your organization. Users can manage geospatial and non-geospatial data and utilize geoprocessing tools, all within the Spectrum platform.


• Deliver Location Intelligence to every geo-dependent process. • Embed spatial rules and logic within operational systems.

• Achieve greater alignment with the other sources of geospatial data. • Create tables, views, layers and maps.

• Maintain better governance, controls and accessibility.

• Use multi-level security to set and manage access levels enterprise-wide.


Supported data formats and platforms

• Generic Java Database Connectivity (JDBC®)

• Microsoft SQL Server®

• PostgreSQL®/PostGIS

• Oracle®

• GeoPackage

• And more


Enable Location Intelligence for all. With Spectrum® Spatial, anyone can quickly access location insights across devices and in real-time. Empower your business users to visualize and analyze Location Intelligence. GIS professionals, business analysts, data scientists, executives and customers can all put this powerful, intuitive solution to work. GIS expertise is not required.



Flexible visualization. Present data in highly usable maps, charts and dataflows.

Out-of-the-box usability. Provide a common tool for users to view, print, query and edit.

Intuitive end-user experience. Reduce administrative burden by giving users greater ability to add layers, configure data and run analyses.

Up-to-date location insights. Access, update and visualize data and maps, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Make it your own.Extend the value of your Location Intelligence by creating applications to fit unique business needs. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy for developers to build on top of the core Spectrum Spatial application, tailoring solutions to specific business use cases. Plus, it’s easy to customize views, add branding and more.



Amplify your impact. Use the extensibility platform to create custom applications tailored to your use case.

• Share intelligent maps for desktop and enterprise using OGC™ WMS, WFS, and WMTS standards.

• Query features, run analyses and request maps using SOAP, REST or POST/GET requests.

• Visually create Location Intelligence workflows and enable them as callable services.

• Embed maps and other location-based capabilities into websites using RIA controls.

• Use the included JavaScript API to develop custom front-end mapping applications.

“I was very taken with the intuitive interface in Spectrum Spatial. It has power, but it doesn’t look or feel too techie.” — GIS Manager Public Sector

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