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Geospatial Data Services

Data Conversion

Geomap specialises in complex GIS file translations between digital spatial formats.  We use a range of market-leading solutions to extract, transform and convert data. 

Data Migration

Geomap specialises in applying sophisticated extract, transform and load processes to extract and transform spatial and non-spatial data from disparate systems.  Our expertise in conflating data and data transformation is unmatched. 

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Geocoding enhances the address data by providing a precise understanding of property locations and GPS coordinates, which creates actionable insight for marketers, policy planners, logistics and more. Geomap’s geocoding service offers consistently superior first-time match rates.

Data Quality Services

In addition to our geospatial data services, Geomap works with clients to resolve a range of data quality problems. Geocoding, address validation, de-duplication and identity matching are among the services we provide. 

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