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OneAtlas® Analytics


Connecting Images from Space to Decisions on Earth


With Analytics Toolbox, pick in a range of trained and qualified algorithms to highlight changes or objects, easily and directly in the Living Library interface. Choose the image and what you want to detect, and run your analysis simply!

Use a set of analytics with large capabilities updated and enhanced frequently, play with your images to extract amazing insights at your fingertips, and access new potentials. Go your Living Library images one step beyond with this powerful service, accessible through an on-line interface or through API.

Key Features:

  • Infrastructure change detection

  • Cars detection & counting

  • Trucks detection & counting

  • Ships detection & counting

  • Aircraft detection & counting (coming soon)

  • Accessible through web interface or API

Key Benefits:

  • Run analytics on selected image from Living Library, through a web interface or API call

  • Run joint requests satellite monitoring and analytics

  • Access detection maps report in your workspace

  • View or download results in a GeoJson file



Earth Monitor

An innovative analytics service using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect changes in infrastructure, land-use, and economic activities directly from space.

In your Areas of Interest (AOIs), monitor object and land-use change over time, including new roads, buildings and vehicle counts (i.e. cars, trucks, military vehicles and commercial airplanes).

Use a simple and powerful interface to create and manage your projects with the capability to customize analysis and define period and measurement frequencies. Leverage immediate access to advanced statistical analysis, trends, and detection maps, based on Airbus’ archive imagery and tasking capabilities.


Precision agriculture leaders can now build their farming services in no time.

Airbus’ brand new API delivers incomparable crop analytics. Get rid of the burden attached to satellite imagery, boost your portal andexpand your market footprint in no time with quantitative, easy-to-use vegetation maps, perfectly clipped to the field and accurately de-clouded.


Shipping companies, insurers, brokers, security companies, governments, etc.
can locate, identify and track ships and other assets at sea.

A self-tasking web-based service which uses a combination of radar and optical sensors.

This 24/7 service combines freshly acquired satellite imagery with additional information sources including AIS (Automatic Identification System) and open source data to deliver object-centric (ships, icebergs, oil slick) or area-centric (objects in a given area) detection and identification reports.
Ocean Finder saves times, saves money and improves safety for maritime assets.


From Data to valuable intelligence for key decision making

A solution to help Defence and Security customers to be more efficient in their work, automatically processing huge amounts of data from all sources. Not only can this solution enable users to aggregate information from imagery, open sources, signals, cyber or human intelligence, but it can also integrate your own data and analytics.

Massive Intelligence empowers analysts and allows them to focus on critical tasks. Based on a flexible cloud architecture, it automatically correlates and fuses information, while using analytics based on advanced technologies such as machine learning and semantic analysis.


It will increase confidence in the information for decision making and contributes to better threat anticipation.


Companies committed to decrease deforestation can now monitor their impact with unprecendented accuracy.

Many companies producing, transforming or consuming agricultural commodities are making efforts to reduce their footprint in terms of deforestation. The challenge they face is to independently verify the results of their efforts.

Conventional certification is limited: the standards do not always match the challenges of the sector and the usual methods of expertise are based on field inspection. The output provides neither the completeness nor the responsiveness required. Starling’s ambition is to tackle this problem.

PF Neo Cloud

The ultimate geodata processing solution in the cloud

Imagery production always requires more accuracy, consistency and a shorter delivery time.

PF Neo Cloud provides a powerful software service able to process many different optical sources for the production of 2D Imagery and 3D models.

That’s OneAtlas – connecting images from space to decisions here on Earth. Turning pictures into insights into action.

With the speed and flexibility of the cloud, The OneAtlas Platform can, on your command, sift through every pixel across thousands of square kilometers of satellite images and highlight what’s different from last month to today.

It can scour an entire ocean looking for one missing ship. It can report the biophysical health of vegetation via infrared analysis, or it can be applied to any one of dozens of other applications relevant to your industry.

View industry-specific analytics directly on The OneAtlas Platform or integrate the data via APIs into your systems to combine it with other sources of intelligence.

And because it’s in the cloud, you can get data any way you want — download or streaming.

This insight ecosystem is growing rapidly. World renowned analytics companies and partner satellite providers are signing up to make their data and analytics available to you via OneAtlas.

With The OneAtlas Platform you can truly get everything you need in one place.

Discover what The OneAtlas Platform can do for you. Sign up for a free trial account and prepare to have fun and be amazed! We look forward to serving you.

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