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3D Stereo Mapping Solutions


Solution for GIS, Photogrammetry and Engineering

Summit Evolution

World-Class Digital Photogrammetric Workstation

Summit Evolution takes 3D stereo vector digitizing to a new level with its integration of digital stereoplotter, CAD and GIS interfaces, 3D stereo vector superimposition, automated feature editing and contour generation. Through its unique and customizable Capture™ interface, image features from a Summit Evolution project are digitized directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation or ArcGIS.


DAT/EM SuperImpositionTM is built into every Summit Evolution system, which is offered in three different product level packages as well as a new Summit Evolution Mobile option. Additionally, integration with the LandScapeTM point cloud editing toolkit is standard.



3D Point Cloud Viewing and Editing Software

LandScape is an essential software tool for editing large terrain point sets such as LiDAR files. It provides an advanced, efficient, fast, and

easy-to-understand portal into the world of 3-dimensional LiDAR points. LandScape is equipped with utilities for editing, modifying, and classifying 3D points (point clouds) and for generating new data based on the points. LandScape’s tools can be configured by the user to enhance understanding of the data view.


The editing tools in LandScape allow easy modification of point cloud data including a single point, all points in a project, or a selection built using LandScape’s sophisticated filtering tools. LandScape includes the DAT/EM Drawing Tools, a simple built-in vector editor which may be used to collect and save vector features in a variety of formats. For more advanced digitizing tools, one or more companion DAT/EM CaptureTM modules may be added.


LandScape may optionally integrate with Summit EvolutionTM to display the point cloud superimposed over stereo imagery. Use the Summit Evolution cursor to select and edit points and collect vector data.


3D Vector Digitizing Interface for AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ArcGIS


Capture is the primary tool for vector information collection (which can be collected directly into one or more companion CAD or GIS programs) from stereo images. Currently supported companions are AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Esri ArcGIS; the Capture API (Application Program Interface) is also available to enable development for other CAD and GIS programs. The stereo capture capability is very helpful to people trying to interpret imagery such as urban planners, foresters, wetlands biologists and geologists.


DAT/EM Capture interfaces to DAT/EM’s flagship products, the Summit EvolutionTM digital photogrammetric workstation and the LandScapeTM point cloud editing toolkit.


Capture works in the background to send 3D (x, y, z) ground coordinates to the companion application. Simultaneously, 2D or 3D features from the CAD or GIS software are rendered back in true relative 3D position in the stereo display using DAT/EM SuperImpositionTM for immediate feedback and feature verification. The user’s experience and productivity are enhanced through precise and instantaneous validation of work.


Full 3D Map Editing for AutoCAD® and MicroStation


MapEditor is a toolkit for AutoCAD or Microstation with many time-saving tools. MapEditor for AutoCAD works completely

within AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based applications. MapEditor for Microstation is an MDL application that works completely within

MicroStation and MicroStation-based applications. MapEditor runs on Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7.



Standards-Compliant Airspace Obstruction Identification Tool

As a component of Summit EvolutionTM Professional, with CaptureTM for ArcGIS®, Airfield3D collects precise 3D geospatial airport and aeronautical data. It uses the stereoplotter engine of Summit Evolution Professional to enable viewing, identification, and attribution of objects

penetrating sensitive airspace. Using DAT/EM's world-renowned stereo user interface, Airfield3D offers automatic project set up, automatic field calculation and attribution (with manual override), and visual cueing of obstruction surface violations. Airfield3D collects all data

directly into FAA-designed templates for ArcGIS so files are always in delivery format.

Contour Creator

Automatic Digital Surface Modeling and Contour Creation


Contour Creator generates and stores permanent contours into .DXF or CAD or GIS drawings. Once editing the terrain model is complete, run Contour Creator to check for blunders and crossed contours, smooth the resulting lines, symbolize, and place them on their appropriate database category.

Ortho and Mosaic

Easy-to-Use Orthophoto and Mosaic Generation

Straightforward add-on application to create orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from Summit EvolutionTM stereo projects.

Summit UAS

Analyze 3D UAS Data

As a UAS post-processing toolkit, Summit UAS gives users control over their data. Summit UAS consists of two powerful applications, Summit Evolution Lite and LandScape, which among their many features offer ways to further explore and edit the point cloud and orthomosaic created by UAS processing software. The two products can be used separately to visualize and alter data or together to superimpose a point cloud onto stereo or orthomosaic imagery for targeted digitizing and editing tasks. Summit UAS is the right choice to explore and analyze your UAS data in 3D stereo and capture that understanding as fullygeoreferenced 3D points and vectors.



Productivity at your Fingertips


KeyPad. Single-touch tactile command entry system


The DAT/EM Keypad is a multipurpose re-programmable touch pad. Versatile and essential, it can be used either as an accessory to DAT/EM softcopy products or as a productivity enhancer for third-party products.


TouchScreen. On-the-fly configurable tactile interface

The ‘TouchScreen’ from DAT/EM Systems International is a stand-alone LCD monitor with an integrated tactile interface. With a single touch, the TouchScreen allows operators to quickly change command sequences during map compilation


KeyPad Advantage. Highly configurable wireless keypad.

The DAT/EM KEYPAD ADVANTAGE (TM) is part of the DAT/EM Keypad product line. This option uses any tablet device running the Android® operating system and a Bluetooth adapter for wireless communication to a desktop or laptop computer.

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