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All in one cloud workspace for Earth observation solutions


EOS is a cloud-based platform and analytics tool from which images and analyses of satellite and other earth observation data are derived in real time for application in business, science, and public policy.

EOS Platform Capabilities

● On-the-fly processing of thousands of sq km of imageries with instant delivery of the results to the user

● The ability to process any kind of data to create the most comprehensive analytics, such as InSAR and Point cloud, on a huge scale

● Operations based on data from the majority of imagery providers worldwide

Imagery Management

Store your entire archive of satellite imagery on a cloud platform which provides instant access to a data archive and the ability to preview and manage each image

Imagery Searching

Find necessary data quickly from the archives of any satellite imagery operator using one single web interface with the integrated API available to any EOS Platform user

Imagery Ordering and Delivery

Fast ordering and delivery of satellite imagery from any satellite imagery operator on the EOS Platform. By passing the need for insecure, old fashioned methods such as online order forms and FTP servers

Imagery Processing

Ability to process private and purchased satellite imagery using:

- imagery preprocessing: radiometric calibration, geometric correction, orthorectification, pansharpening,

- simple band combinations: NDVI, NDWI, NBR

- advanced analytics: change detection, object detection, object recognition via web interface of EOS Platform


EOS presents cloud platform which significantly increase opportunities of GIS market players



EOS Platform is the combination of three main elements


EOS Storage
● Store your imagery archive in the cloud without any archive size or file number limitations


● Manage imagery in exactly the same way as you do via your desktop:

-sort imagery by size, date, name

-copy, cut and delete imagery

-structure data with catalogs and folders


● Share imagery with your friends and colleagues without the need to download or use flash or hard drives or FTP servers


● Distribute imagery directly to the personal account of the enduser without the need to download or use flash or hard drives or FTP servers


EOS Land Viewer

Searching of imagery in:

- open source: AWS, USGS, NASA, ESA

- partner archive using API

- your personal imagery archive


● Utilizeofsimpleimageryanalytics

-using 15+ built-in spectral indexes

-custom band combinations


● Integrated functions of

- commercial data search via API

- checking previews and meta data of commercial imagery

- order and payment of commercial imagery

- processing commercial imagery


● Download imagery and value added product using most of the available geoformats


EOS Processing
- Cloud preprocessing of Imagery using:

- radiometric calibration

- geometric correction

- orthorectification


● Utilize advanced analytics with:

- object detection

- change detection

- object recognition


● Use specialized analytics in:

- Agriculture

- Forestry

- Ocean

- Disaster monitoring

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