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GeoMAP uses radar and optical satellite data to accurately quantify crop information to deliver meaningful information products to industry and government customers in the region.​ Crop information, including crop type, acreage, health, and yield, is required by many end-users ranging from individual farmers, to multinational agrifood companies, and government agencies. Individual farmers require information at a local level, while agrifood companies and governments need information at regional, national and international levels. Not only are the crop information needs distributed spatially, crop information is temporal-dependent, and usually requires numerous images that span the cropping cycle. The spatial and temporal information needs for crop monitoring lend themselves to the use of satellite imagery, specifically the imagery from radar and optical satellites.

GeoMAP has developed algorithms and procedures that integrate data from a variety of reliable accurate sources that include radar and optical satellites, to produce scalable agriculture information products. These products are designed for interpretation within the agriculture sector, interoperable across many software visualization and analysis platforms, and delivered in a timely manner. GeoMAP’s engineers, scientists, and domain experts deliver common crop information products, and are available to work with customers on the development of custom products required for specific requirements.

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